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Shimaya Dashi Stock 40g / シマヤ だしの素 40g

Shimaya Dashi Stock 40g / シマヤ だしの素 40g

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It is a type of powder that melts quickly and blends into the ingredients, quickly finishing the dish with a rich flavour. It comes in packs of 5g each, and is very popular for its convenience and reasonable price. 40g (5g x 8 bags)  

粉末タイプで、さっととけて素材になじみ、すばやくお料理を風味豊かに仕上げます。 5gづつのパック入りで、便利さとリーズナブルさが大人気の商品です。 40g (5gx8袋入り)

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